Easy to find, Stone Town Cafe and Bed and Breakfast is located in Shangani on Kenyatta Road, just past the old Post Office and above Stone Town Café. The café is easy to find and is positioned in a well lit main street just 2 minutes walk from popular restaurants and tourist shops.

Start your day with breakfast in the shade of the palms of Stone Town Café on the ground floor of the guesthouse. Watch the world go by and soak up the local culture; be it the fish seller passing with his heavily laden bicycle basket, a vendor walking door to door selling brooms and pans, or children on their way to school. The café is open from 8am to 10pm, and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As you wander though your day, ten minutes on a more leisurely walk will take you through the narrow streets to Dharajani market, where you can marvel at the fresh fish for sale from the surrounding seas or the endless market tables displaying delicious tropical fruit.

Along the way, and just around the corner from us, try your hand at bargaining for various trinkets, local crafts and artifacts for sale in Gizenga Street.

Do you feel like gazing at dhows or street scenes? We operate Stone Town Cafe as well as Archipelago Café & Restaurant, the busiest restaurant in Zanzibar, and that says something about our standards. So, choose with comfort whether you eat with the panoramic view of dhows at Archipelago or observe the culture of the Stone Town streets at Stone Town Cafe & Bed & Breakfast.

Archipelago Café & Restaurant is a 3 minute walk away from Stone Town Café. Sit on our terrace overlooking the beach and savor a sublime café latte served with an ocean breeze, fresh cake and the freshest seafood, simply cooked so the flavors speak for themselves.

In the evenings take in the breeze after dinner at Forodhani Gardens and enjoy the action of the night market by the ocean and the night view of the majestic House of Wonders and the Old Fort – just a short 5 minute stroll from your accommodation.